Zinobeatz (Göcgel Dogan; born August 5, 1986 in Karakocan, Turkey) is a Munich-based producer who has produced songs on numerous number 1 albums such as "KKS" by Kool Savas, "Hasso" by KC Rebell, "Alphagene II" by Kollegah and "Endstufe" by Summer Cem. Among his most successful productions is the gold single "Qa bone" by Azet & Raf Camora. In 2019, he was instrumental in the entire production of Kurdo's album "11ta Stock Sound 2" and released the single "Ben Elimi Sana Verdim" with MERO in 2020. In the same year, Zino founded his music publishing company 29th Publishing, where he signed and develops talented producers.

Produced for

  1. Azet
  2. KC Rebell
  3. Kurdo
  4. MERO
  5. PA Sports

Successful singles (prod. by Zinobeatz)

Qa bone - Azet feat. RAF Camora (2017) / Gold
Hasso - KC Rebell (2019)
Ben Elimi Sana Verdim - MERO (2020)

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