Young Mesh

Young Mesh

Young Mesh is a gold & platinum producer. He has co-produced on numerous albums including the #14 album "Seele" by MERO, the #1 album "ASOCIALER MAROKKANER" by Farid Bang and the #3 album "Bitches need Rap" by Shirin David. His most successful productions include the two platinum songs "Tamam Tamam" by Summer Cem and "Casanova" by Summer Cem feat. Bausa. Most recently, Young Mesh produced the #13 album "X" by Farid Bang.

Produced for

  1. Summer Cem
  2. KC Rebell
  3. Farid Bang
  4. Shirin David
  5. Apache 207

Successful singles (prod. by Young Mesh)

90-60-111 - SHIRIN DAVID (2020)
Casanova - Summer Cem feat. Bausa (2018) 
Bläulich - Apache 207 (2020)

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