Yosh Beats

Yosh Beats

Yosh Beats is a producer from Toronto, Canada. He made his breakthrough through productions for Houdini and Burna Bandz, among others. His most successful productions include the songs "Hold Me Down" by NBA YoungBoy, "Exotic" by Burna Bandz, and "Don't Let Me Go" by Asian Doll.

Produced for

  1. NBA YoungBoy
  2. Burna Bandz
  3. Asian Doll
  4. Houdini
  5. NorthSideBenji

Successful songs (prod. by Yosh Beats)‌

Hold Me Down - NBA YoungBoy (2021)
Exotic - Burna Bandz (2019)
Don't Let Me Go - Asian Doll (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Yosh Beats´)