YFG (Daniel Heinemann) has made a name for himself by producing the song "Sinne" (#33 in the German Charts) by Sarhad. He also produced the songs "Kreta 2.0" and "Richtung Nacht" by 01099 as well as "Sie tanzt" by CIVO. Most recently he recorded several songs for the album "Unsterblich" by Silla.

Produced for

  1. 01099
  2. CIVO
  3. Sarhad
  4. Asche
  5. Silla

Successful songs (prod. by YFG)‌

Kreta 2.0 - 01099 (2020)
Sie tanzt - CIVO (2021)
Sinne - Sarhad (2020)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `YFG´)


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