Worek (born 1995) is a Polish producer who has been awarded several platinum and diamond records. In France, his most successful productions include the songs "Non non" by Djadja & Dinaz, "Mon reuf" by RK and "Je saigne" by Kofs.

Produced for

  1. Djadja & Dinaz
  2. RK
  3. Pins & Dimeh
  4. Kofs
  5. MRC

Successful singles (prod. by Worek)

Non non - Djadja & Dinaz (2018)
Je saigne - Kofs (2018)
Mon Reuf - RK (2018)

Special productions

In addition to productions for French rappers, Worek has celebrated great success especially in Poland and Germany. He produced the song "6.3 AMG" for Polish rapper Malik Montana and the track "Zuhälteraura" for German rapper Kollegah.

6.3 AMG - Malik Montana (2018)
Zuhältertape - Kollegah (2018)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Worek´)