WNDWS, born Aarre Leinonen, is a beatmaker from Finland. He has gained popularity after working with Aquired Taste vol. 1, SCARHXURS, and FANTASY VXID. His most successful productions include "Super Cell" by Trippie Redd, "HURTWORLD '99" by City Morgue, ZillaKami & SosMula, and "Let the Wxrld Burn" by Scarlxrd.

Produced for

  1. Trippie Redd
  2. City Morgue
  3. ZillaKami
  4. SosMula
  5. Scarlxrd

Successful songs (prod. by WNDWS)‌

"Super Cell" by Trippie Redd (2021)
"HURTWORLD '99" by City Morgue, ZillaKami, SosMula (2020)
"Let the Wxrld Burn" by Scarlxrd (2021)