The Wildbwoys are a producer team that gained wider reach mainly through their collaboration with KASIMIR1441. Originally formed in Rio de Janeiro in 2019, the Wildbwoys produced an album there with many established artists from the Baile Funk/Trap/Hip Hop area. There songs with well-known artists such as Filippe Ret, 1Kilo, MC Carol and Heavybaile, among others, were created. However, Corona stopped the project because traveling and producing were not possible for a long time.
Wildbwoys now started their work in Germany with local artists. The production of "Ohne Dich" with KASIMIR1441, badmómzjay & WILDBOYS is one of the most successful released single of the team.The song was 4 weeks at #1 in the German and Austria charts and was awarded with gold and platinum in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The album of the Wildbwoys with German artists will be released in 2022. Likewise, the Brazilian album is planned for 2022.

Produced for

  1. KASIMIR1441
  2. badmómzjay
  3. Kool Savas
  4. Diloman

Special productions (prod. by WILDBWOYS)

Ohne Dich - KASIMIR1441 x badmómzjay (2021) 
Uninteressant - KASIMIR1441 & Kool Savas (2021)
Wein für mich - KASIMIR1441 (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (prod. WILDBWOYS)