WAVYKAEN (born 10/14/1998) is a producer from Wiesbaden, Germany, who gained notoriety in 2019 through his collaboration with MaazaKayo. A year later, his first releases with 65Goonz followed, including "3,5" with MaazaKayo and "3Liter Jacky". Most recently WAVYKAEN produced more songs for underground artists like 2LADE and Blokkboy$. Besides producing, he is also active as a mix/mastering engineer for TM and Ezco44 among others.

Produced for

  1. MaazaKayo
  2. 65Goonz
  3. 2LADE
  4. 1019 Records
  5. Blokkboy$

Successful singles (prod. by WAVYKAEN)

3Liter Jacky - 65Goonz feat. MaazaKayo, Osama GBS (2020)
Immer das Gleiche - MaazaKayo (2020)
3,5 - MaazaKayo feat. 65Goonz (2019)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `WAVYKAEN´)