VVS Melody

VVS Melody

VVS Melody gained attention as a producer with the co-production of the song "20k" by J.I the Prince of N.Y with JabariOnTheBeat. He then produced the songs "MAD" by 2KBABY and "All The Money In The World" by Lil Poppa feat. Lil Durk. Most recently, he was involved in the production of the song "Talk My Shit" by Fetty Wap.

Produced for

  1. Fetty Wap
  2. J.I the Prince of N.Y
  3. 2KBABY
  4. Stunna Gambino
  5. Lil Poppa

Successful singles (prod. by VVS Melody)

20k - J.I the Prince of N.Y (2020)
All The Money In The World - Lil Poppa feat. Lil Durk (2020)
Talk My Shit - Fetty Wap (2021)

Special productions

In addition to his international productions, VVS Melody has also successfully produced songs for rapper makko in Germany.

Enemies - makko (2020)

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