Veysigz has made a name for himself as a producer through his collaboration with Ramo. His most successful national productions include "When One Door Closes" with Pietro Lombardi and "REGENTROPFEN" by Ramo. Internationally, Veysigz was involved in the production of the songs "Mad About Africa - Pt. 1" by SL and "La Manga" by Alberto & Josef Bratan.

Produced for

  1. Ramo
  2. SL
  3. Pietro Lombardi
  4. Animus
  5. Alberto

Successful songs (prod. by Veysigz)‌

REGENTROPFEN - Ramo (2020)
Mad About Africa - Pt. 1 - SL (2019)
Krone - Animus (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Veysigz´)


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