Twinx (Thomas W.; born November 28, 2001) is a producer from Offenburg, Germany, who gained international fame for producing the remix "TRAPPER" by Foogiano and Lil Baby. With the remix he was featured in XXL Magazine. One of his biggest successes in Germany is the joint production of the #1 single "KEIN SCHLAF" by Hava & Nimo with PZY, which went platinum.

Produced for

  1. Lil Baby
  2. Foogiano
  3. Hava
  4. Nimo
  5. Olexesh

Successful singles (prod. by Twinx)

KEIN SCHLAF - Nimo & Hava (2019)
TRAPPER (Remix) - Foogiano feat. Lil Baby (2020)
TRAPPER - Foogiano (2020)

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