TIMWAN has made a name for himself as an engineer & producer through his collaboration with Symba. For the artist he mixed among others the songs "Angels Sippen" (#13 in the German Charts & Gold Record) and "Blockparty". As a producer he was also involved in the productions of "Topboys" and "Woodtalk" by Symba.

Mix/Produced for

  1. Symba
  2. RAPK
  3. Naru
  4. Ski Aggu
  5. VHS
  6. TM61

Successes as Mixing Engineer (mix. by TIMWAN)‌

Angels Sippen - Symba (2020)
petit frère - RAPK (2022)
bibéron - VHS & Key Largo (2022)

Successes as Producer (prod. by TIMWAN)

Topboys - Symba (2021)
Wood Talk - Symba (2021)
coupé pt.1 - RAPK (2022)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `TIMWAN´)


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