The Cratez

The Cratez

The Cratez (David Kraft & Tim Wilke) is a producer duo from Göttingen, Germany. With numerous gold, platinum and diamond records, they are one of the historically most successful producers from Germany. Their most famous productions include the diamond singles "Was du Liebe nennst" by Bausa and "500 PS" by Bonez MC & RAF Camora.

Produced for

  1. Joyner Lucas
  2. Bonez MC
  3. RAF Camora
  4. Bausa
  5. Capital Bra

Successful songs (prod. by The Cratez)‌

I'm Sorry - Joyner Lucas (2016)
I'm Not Racist - Joyner Lucas (2017)
Was du Liebe nennst - Bausa (2017)
500 PS - Bonez MC & RAF Camora (2018)

Successes as artists

In 2020, The Cratez released their first album "Nonstop". Part of the album are the platinum singles "Skiing" with Bausa, Maxwell & Joshi Mizu and "Honda Civic" with Bonez MC. Her latest releases include "Was du hast" with Sierra Kidd and flowerboii and "Maybe" with CIVO.

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `The Cratez´)