T-Desco is a french producer and member of the label "Therapy". He made a name for his self producing for Sofiane, SCH, RK and many others. One of his most successful productions is "Jefe" by Ninho. T-Desco received his first gold record with the production of the album "Fosses Aux Lions (Reissue)" by Kalash Criminel.

Produced for

  1. Ninho
  2. Kaaris
  3. Sofiane
  4. SCH
  5. Kalash Criminel

Successful Songs (prod. by T-Desco)

Jefe - Ninho (2021)
Cahteau noir - Kaaris (2021) 
Apocalypse - Kaaris, Kalash Criminel, Freeze corleone (2022)