SYNTHAX (Anton Illner) got first bigger attention by co-producing the song "evisu" by nikan feat. badchieff together with Stickle. His most successful productions are part of the album "MISTER DARDY" by Dardan, which reached #9 in the German charts. These include "vija vija" (#14) and "nur für mich" feat. Noah. Through his new song with CashMoneyAP, other artists such as Ski Aggu, Sampagne and Skrt cobain have become aware of him.

Produced for

  1. Dardan
  2. badchieff
  3. Ski Aggu
  4. nikan
  5. Sampagne

Successful songs (prod. by SYNTHAX)

evisu - nikan feat. badchieff (2022)
Last Night - Kalan.FrFr (2022)
playboi - Ski Aggu (2022)
vija vija - Dardan (2021)
nur für mich - Dardan feat. Noah (2021)
evisu - nikan feat. badchieff (2022)

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