Sonus030 (Sonu Lal) is a German-Indian producer who is one of the most successful national producers with numerous gold and platinum records. His most famous productions include the platinum songs "Jim Beam & Voddi" and "In meinem Benz" by AK AUSSERKONTROLLE & Bonez MC.

Produced for

  1. Ufo361
  2. Ezhel
  4. Kool Savas
  5. Bonez MC

Successful songs (prod. by Sonus030)‌

Wir sind Kral - Ufo361 & Ezhel (2019)
Jim Beam & Voddi - AK AUSSERKONTROLLE & Bonez MC (2017)
Emotions - Ufo361 (2020)

Successes as artists

In 2020 Sonus030 released the #1 album "Nur Für Dich" in collaboration with Ufo361. Part of the album are the singles "Shit Changed" and "Playlist", which both reached #3 in the German charts.

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Sonus030´)