SNKY (Marcel) is a Berlin-based producer who has been involved in several song productions for Lucio101 including "Mr. X", "Bunte Flavours" and "Kripos & Kunden". He collaborates with 1900 and produced numerous tracks for artists from the Berlin underground like Nizi19, the 102 Boyz, 65Goonz and Karamel. Most recently, he was a producer on several tracks on OG Raijk's "Trappin' Before Rappin'" EP.

Produced for

  1. Lucio101
  2. Nizi19
  3. 102 Boyz
  4. 65Goonz
  5. Karamel

Successful singles (prod. by SNKY)

Bunte Flavours - Lucio101 & Nizi19 feat. Omar101 (2019)
Mr. X - Lucio101 (2020)
Packs auf mir - 102 Boyz feat. 65Goonz (2020)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `SNKY´)


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