SMR (Ismar; born in 1997) is a producer and part of the artist collective nocashfromparents. He gained notoriety through the song production "Machs Mir Nach" by BHZ. He went on to produce songs for YUN MUFASA, Faroon and reezy. Most recently he was involved in the production of the songs "Caliweed" by negatiiv OG, "RIDE OR DIE" by KALIM as well as "IN DER HOOD" by UNTER OBSI feat. KALIM. Besides his productions in Deutschrap, the "CEO of Drums" is also a successful seller of drum kits.

Produced for

  1. reezy
  2. BHZ
  3. Faroon
  4. KALIM
  5. negatiiv OG

Successful singles (prod. by SMR)

Heartbreaks - SWEETBOYBLONDEY feat. 999kev (2020)
Trap Billie Jean - Faroon & reezy (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `SMR´)

SMR - Playlist (prod. by SMR)

Photo by Santana