Sizzy was able to make a name for himself as a producer in 2017 with the song production of "Hütte im Wald" for Kianush. For the rapper and his label boss PA Sports, Sizzy produced several songs on the albums "Instinkt" and "Verloren im Paradies". He then produced numerous songs for other well-known artists such as Veysel, KC Rebell, Summer Cem and Luciano. In addition, he appeared on the producer album of Miksu/Macloud with the song "Abischnitt". Most recently, he was co-producer on the pop song "Aus Dem Weg" by Clueso and on the single "KIDS FROM THE BLOCK" by Luciano.

Produced for

  1. Summer Cem
  2. Luciano
  3. KC Rebell
  4. Veysel
  5. PA Sports
  6. Clueso

Successful singles (prod. by Sizzy)

Yallah Goodbye - Summer Cem feat. Gringo (2019)
KIDS FROM THE BLOCK - Luciano (2021)
Hütte im Wald - Kianush feat. PA Sports (2017)

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