Shootdown (Maximilian Gerlach) made a name for himself as a producer in 2016 through his collaboration with Kool Savas. For the rapper he produced the songs "Luftschlösser" and "Ernst gemeint" on the mixtape "Essahdamus". He then produced tracks for Olexesh on the albums "Rolexesh" which charted at #1 and "Authentic Athletic 2" which went to #2. Most recently, Shootdown was active again for Kool Savas on his #1 albums "KKS" and "Aghori".

Produced for

  1. Kool Savas
  2. Olexesh
  3. PA Sports
  4. La Fouine
  5. Cr7z
  6. Ulysse
  7. Kozarth

Successful singles (prod. by Shootdown)

Monolith - Kool Savas (2021)
Chabba macht Para - Olexesh (2018)
Ende der Vernunft - Kool Savas feat. Karen Firlej (2019) 

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Shootdown´)