Sean Da Firzt

Sean Da Firzt

Sean Da First, born Anthony Mosley, is a Billboard producer from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is best known for his work with fellow Charlotte native and hip-hop star DaBaby. Sean experienced minor success with the DaBaby songs "Light Show" and "Big Butt." He made his breakthrough by producing DaBaby's "Gorilla Glue," which went viral. Later on, he started to experience mainstream success after producing DaBaby's "Next Song." After that, Sean produced Stunna 4 Vegas's hit single "Ashley," which also featured DaBaby. His best-known songs include "PRACTICE" and "Next Song" by DaBaby, as well as "Rodeo" by City Girls.

Produced for

  1. DaBaby
  2. Stunna 4 Vegas
  3. Money Man
  4. IZI
  5. City Girls

Successful songs (prod. by Sean Da Firzt)‌

PRACTICE - DaBaby (2020)
Next Song - DaBaby (2018)
Rodeo - City Girls (2020)
OFF THE RIP - DaBaby (2019)
Ashley - Stunna 4 Vegas with DaBaby (2019)

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