"We leverage Machine Learning to help artists identify their top fans" - Anj "Fayemz" Fayemi, CEO @Rivet

"We leverage Machine Learning to help artists identify their top fans" - Anj "Fayemz" Fayemi, CEO @Rivet

Anj "Fayemz" Fayemi, the founder and CEO of Rivet, is a trailblazing entrepreneur who combines his passion for music with his engineering expertise. Inspired by his own frustrations as a rapper and musician, Anj recognized the need for a solution that would enable artists to effectively manage their fan communities and harness valuable data. Through extensive research and collaboration with fellow artists, Rivet was born, utilizing innovative technologies such as machine learning to empower artists in building stronger connections with their fans. Anj's vision and dedication have positioned Rivet as a game-changer in the music industry, revolutionizing the way artists engage with their fan base.

What inspired you to start this particular venture?

I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. I'm a rapper and musician myself, and I studied engineering at MIT. And then, when I was putting out my second album, I got frustrated with how I saw who had come to a show, bought something from me, engaged with me in some way in the past and so on,  and taking that information and using it for a new release was incredibly difficult and tedious to do. And so, I paused creations of my own and started focusing on solving that problem for myself, and then spoke to over 200 artists and creators to figure out how they're managing their fan communities, how they’re harnessing data from their fan interactions and found that that problem wasn't just mine. And so we started building Rivet as a result of that whole process.

Are there any unique or innovative technologies your startup utilizes?

We leverage machine learning to help artists identify their top fans: people who would be most willing to buy stuff from them, come to shows and be most loyal. Rivet's recommendation engine generates actions and automations to help artists increase revenue and engagement from those top fans.

What is your long-term vision for the company?

We envision a future where Rivet becomes a community-building engine for artists, podcasters, other creatives, and ultimately anyone with an audience. The wealth of data we're generating about both the creator and their fans' preferences is incredibly powerful: we're using that as a foundation for in-platform AI-driven content generation and tailored recommendations today, and we intend to become the all-encompassing platform for building a sustainable creative business, ranging from maximizing fan monetization to helping creators identify business opportunities and partnerships based on our unparalleled understanding of their fan communities.

Anj "Fayemz" Fayemi's entrepreneurial journey has seamlessly merged his love for music and his technical prowess. As the founder and CEO of Rivet, he has taken the music industry by storm, providing artists with a groundbreaking platform that leverages cutting-edge technologies. With a long-term vision that encompasses community building, content creation, and predictive analytics, Anj and his team are set to redefine the artist-fan relationship. Rivet's innovative approach, coupled with Anj's unwavering passion, positions the company as a leader in empowering artists and transforming the music industry.

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