Riico (Recep Ö., born December 21, 1993 in Balingen) is a German producer with Turkish roots who gained notoriety through his collaboration with Luciano. He first produced the song "LL Cool J" for the rapper on the #6 chart album "Exot". Afterwards, he was involved in the production of numerous tracks on the #3 chart album "AQUA", including the single "NICHT WACH", which reached #19 in the German charts.

Produced for

  1. Luciano
  2. Ufo361
  3. Lucio101
  4. Yung Hurn

Successful singles (prod. by riico)

NICHT WACH - Luciano (2021)
NICHT MEHR HIER - Luciano & Yung Hurn (2021)
LL Cool J - Luciano (2020)

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