Phil2k (born in 2000) is known for his productions for JONNY5. For the rapper he has already produced numerous tracks including "666" from 2019. In addition, Phil2k has produced the song "Kleinstadt" by RIN together with Minhtendo. Phil will also be heard in America in the near future.

Produced for

  1. JONNY5
  2. RIN
  3. Lil Quill
  4. Yung Mal
  5. ACE TEE

Successful singles (prod. by Phil2k)

666 - JONNY5 feat. PISLIK88 (2019)
5ter Stock - JONNY5 (2018)
City Boyz Freestyle - JONNY5 feat. PISLIK88 (2019)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Phil2k´)