Palazzo (Pascal Punz; born 31.07.1996 in Mödling near Vienna) is an Austrian producer. He is part of Electric Feel and produced, among others, the song "Breathe" by Lil Skies on the chart album "Shelby" and the track "Longtime" with Young Thug. Most recently, he collaborated with NBA YoungBoy on the track "Tweet Bird".

Produced for

  1. Young Thug
  2. YoungBoy Never Broke Again
  3. Lil Skies
  4. Richie Homie Quan
  5. NBA Meechy Baby

Successful singles (prod. by Palazzo)

Tweet Bird - NBA feat. YoungBoy, Meechy Baby, Rojay MLP, P Yungin, RJAE (2021)
Breathe - Lil Skies (2019)
Longtime - Quality Control & 24Heavy (2019)

Special productions

Palazzo has also made a name for himself with productions in Germany. He has produced songs for rappers Loredana, Mozzik, Capital Bra and Gringo.

Nese Don - Loredana & Mozzik (2021)
Bam Bam - Gringo feat. Capital Bra (2020)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Palazzo´)