P.M.B. is a gold & platinum producer, who gained fame through his collaboration with 187 Strassenbande. For 187 member LX he produced several songs on his album "INHALE/EXHALE", which reached #1 in the German charts.

Produced for

  1. LX
  2. Bonez MC
  3. Al-Gear
  4. Baba Saad
  5. Nate57

Successful singles (prod. by P.M.B.)

Schnapp! - 187 Strassenbande (2014)
Auf mein Fahrrad - LX feat. Bonez MC (2021)
Gefährlich! - 187 Strassenbande (2014)

Special productions

In addition to producing for numerous German rappers, P.M.B. has also released several albums of his own. Among them are "Aller Guten Dinge sind 3" from 2018, "Taxi Driver" from 2015 and "Play My Beatz" from 2013.

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `P.M.B.´)