Overshiaat (Mario Zentner) first got major attention as a producer through his productions for negatiiv OG and Edo Saiya. For negatiiv OG he produced songs on several tapes, including "Flex Up 2" and "Reich der Schatten". Most recently he produced the "Underdog EP" with Sin Davis, Yung Vision & t-low.

Produced for

  1. Olexesh
  2. T-Low
  3. Foogiano
  4. MAKKO
  5. negatiiv OG

Successful singles (prod. by overshiaat)

Tief entspannt - negatiiv OG feat. Edo Saiya (2019)
Raus - Edo Saiya feat. negatiiv OG (2019)
40 Stunden Woche - makko, toobrokeforfiji, Sin Davis (2021) 

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