Noble is a music producer from Boston, MA. He has a background in piano and used that to help build a base for sample making. Noble is signed to Producergrind and works closely with the Internet Money members. He is currently managed by Kearney, who works with the most successful Massachusetts producers. Furthermore, Noble is part of 4TH QUARTER, a team built around young producers making waves in the industry and changing the sound of the rap game. Among his most successful productions is "Sneaky Link Anthem" by DaBaby.

Produced for

  1. DaBaby
  2. Germ
  3. Rocco
  4. YSL Strick
  5. Soulja Boy

Successful songs (prod. by Noble)‌

Sneaky Link Anthem - DaBaby (2022)
Survivor's Guilt (2021)
BB - Duzz, UCLÃ, JD On Tha Track (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Noble´)