NIZA (Olak Grütter; born September 17, 1992) is a producer from Switzerland. He had his first big placement in 2014 on the gold album "Martyr" by Kool Savas. After that he produced on several #1 albums like "Endstufe" by Summer Cem and "Manifest" by King Orgasm One. He also produced songs on numerous chart albums such as "FSK18 Brutal" (2016) by 18 Karat which charted at #26, "Hitman" (2017) by Veysel which went to #7 and "Criminal from the Desert" (2016) by Kurdo which made it to #2. In 2019, NIZA produced the soundtrack "Mitoman" with rapper Malik Montana for the Polish film "Jak Zostalem Gangsterem". In the same year, he founded the music publishing company "No Love Rights Management", where he has signed several producers with business partner Mike Buck. Most recently, NIZA collaborated with Fler & bass Sultan Hengzt on the track "Sternklare Nacht".

Produced for

  1. Miami Yacine
  2. Veysel
  3. 18 Karat
  4. Fard
  5. Kurdo

Successful singles (prod. by NIZA)

Sag nichts - Miami Yacine (2017)
PUERTO RICO - S4MM feat. Noizy (2020)
Shukran für nix - Summer Cem (2018)
FMFL 3.0 - 18 Karat (2019)
DENKMAL - Massiv & Manuellsen (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `NIZA´)