Neal & Alex

Neal & Alex

Neal & Alex are a Swiss producer duo who gained a lot of attention in 2020 for their collaborations with US artists. Some of their biggest successes there include producing the track "My Business" on NAV's Billboard #1 album "Good Intentions" and Lil Skies' single "Riot". At the end of 2020, the two became the new signing of the very successful producers "The Cratez" and moved to Berlin for a closer collaboration. In Germany, Neal & Alex have collaborated on a total of five #1 albums & one gold single (Kontra K - Tiefschwarz). Most recently, they produced several songs on the recently released albums "Zukunft" by RAF Camora and "DESTROY ALL COPIES" by Ufo361. The two are among the most promising up-and-coming producers in the scene.

Produced for

  1. NAV
  2. Lil Skies
  3. Lil Xan
  4. RAF Camora
  5. Ufo361

Successful singles (prod. by Neal & Alex)

Riot - Lil Skies (2020)
My Business - NAV feat. Future (2020)
Benzin - RAF Camora feat. Ufo361 (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Neal & Alex´)

Neal & Alex - Playlist (prod. Neal & Alex)