The producer Miksu (Joshua A.) is part of the producer duo Miksu/Macloud. The duo is currently one of the most sought-after producers in German hip-hop. In addition to numerous gold and platinum records, they were honored with the award "Best Producer National" by HipHop.de in 2019.

Produced for

  1. Apache 207
  2. Bausa
  3. Luciano
  4. Summer Cem
  5. KC Rebell

Successful singles (prod. by Miksu)

XXL - Miksu / Macloud, Summer Cem, Luciano & Jamule (2020) / Gold
Madonna - Bausa & Apache 207 (2021) / Gold
Wieso tust Du dir das an? - Apache 207 (2019) / Platin

Besondere Produktionen

Miksu & Macloud have released the joint album "Futura" in 2020. Represented are the most famous artists from Germany with, among others, Luciano, Summer Cem, reezy, Jamule, Nimo and Forty. The album reached #31 in the charts in Germany, #15 in Austria and #25 in Switzerland.

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Miksu´)