Migl (Michael Alber; born 12.06.1999 in Aichach) was able to make a name for himself mainly through his collaboration with Ufo361. For the rapper he produces regularly since the #1 album "Rich Rich" on which he could land his first placement by the track "Rolling Loud". His latest placements "Daniel Lee" and "No Mercy", are part of the album "Destroy All Copies", which was released a few months later after the #1 album "STAY HIGH". On it he was involved in the production of the song "LOW LIFE". Due to his current focus in the direction of the USA, we can also be curious about a lot here!

Produced for

  1. Ufo361
  2. RIN
  3. Deninho
  4. Ybbs
  5. Raymande

Successful singles (prod. by migl)

Daniel Lee - Ufo361 (2021)
LOW LIFE - Ufo361 feat. RIN (2021)
Keine Gnade - Ufo361 (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `migl´)

migl - Playlist (migl)