Mi8 / Therapy2077

Mi8 / Therapy2077

Mi8, also known as Therapy2077, is a french multi-platinum producer and member of the label "Therapy." Among his most successful productions includes "Jefe" by Ninho, on which he collaborated with labelmate T-Desco. He also produced for Kaaris, Kalash Criminel, Sade and someone, and many others.

Produced for

  1. Ninho
  2. Kaaris
  3. Kalash Criminel
  4. Sofiane
  5. SCH

Successful Songs (prod.by Mi8/Therapy2033)

Jefe - Ninho (2021)
Paris c'est magique - Ninho (2019)
Apocalypse - Kaaris, Kalash Criminel, Freeze corleone (2022)