MelodicDesert (born October 18, 2000) made an international name for himself in 2020 by producing the song "No Kizzy" for US rapper Lil Gotit and was signed to Ronny J. Most recently, he has worked regularly with producer Endzone, releasing several songs on the latter's album "2021: Dear Summer."

Produced for

  1. Lil Gotit
  2. BHZ
  3. 65 Goonz
  4. Dante YN
  5. TM

Successful singles (prod. by MelodicDesert )

No Kizzy - Lil Gotit (2020)
Grinsen - 65Goonz (2021)
Bass - Endzone feat. BHZ, Monk, Big Pat (2021)

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