M6 & DR

M6 & DR

M6 & DR (Mirnes Kvrgic & David Rösler) is a platinum producer duo from Vienna who made a name for themselves producing for Kollegah. Their most successful productions include "Valhalla" and "Veni Vidi Validus" by Kollegah. Most recently, M6 & DR produced the songs "Nese Don" by Loredana & Mozzik and "Super Soaker" by Maxwell, BOUNTY & COCOA and The Cratez as well as "UFUK BAYRAKTAR" by Ufo361.

Produced for

  1. Capital Bra
  2. Maxwell
  3. Loredana
  4. Mozzik
  5. Kollegah

Successful songs (prod. by M6 & DR)

UFUK BAYRAKTAR - Ufo361 (2022)
Super Soaker - Maxwell, Joshi Mizu, BOUNTY & COCOA, The Cratez (2022)
Nese Don - Loredana & Mozzik (2021)
Valhalla - Kollegah (2019)

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