Lord JKO

Lord JKO

LORD JKO is a producer from Mainz, Germany, who gained greater fame through his collaborations with XATAR, Schwesta Ewa and Yung Kafa & Küçük Efendi. His most famous productions include the songs "WHEELIE" and "SUMATRA "on the #2 album "YIN and YANG" by Yung Kafa & Küçük Efendi.

Produced for

  1. Yung Kafa & Küçük Efendi
  2. XATAR
  3. Luciano
  4. Musso
  5. CALO

Successful songs (prod. by Lord JKO)

Baile - Casar & Lord JKO (2022)
EX - CALO (2022)
SUMATRA - Yung Kafa & Küçük Efendi (2020)
Dunklen Geschichten - Luciano feat. XATAR (2018)

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