Loloo started his collaboration with Ra'is as a producer in 2020 and produced his single "Mondlicht" which charted at #79 and the track "Bandit". His biggest successes in his collaboration with Ra'is include producing the single "Warum?" featuring NGEE, which reached #42 on the German charts, as well as producing several songs on Ra'is' album "Traum", which charted at #65. Most recently, Loloo produced the #33 single "Ghetto Gemälde" by Ano & Samra.

Produced for

  1. Samra
  2. Anonym
  3. NGEE
  4. Rais
  5. Keko-G

Successful singles (prod. by loloo)

Ghetto Gemälde - Anonym & Samra (2021)
Warum? - Ra’is & NGEE (2021)
Mondlicht - Ra’is (2020)
Wildfremd - Anonym (2021)
Sinaloa - Keko-G & Eno (2022)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `loloo´)