Lee (Christopher Lee Plowman; born March 16, 1990 in FT. Knox, Kentucky (USA)) is a German platinum producer who first gained major attention for producing the song "Ты со мной" by Nullzweizwei. Lee's biggest success came with the production of the gold single "Kein Plan" by Loredana and MERO, which reached #1 on the official German charts. Most recently, he produced several successful tracks for artists Makko and AYLO as well as the song "Vodka" for Apache 207, which gave him his second official #1 hit.

Produced for

  1. Apache 207
  2. MERO
  3. Loredana
  4. Makko
  5. AYLO

Successful singles (prod. by Lee)

Nachts wach - Miksu / Macloud & makko (2022) 
Kein Plan - Loredana feat. MERO (2019)
Vodka - Apache 207 (2021)
WAS MAL WAR - MEL (2022)
Renn weg - AYLO (2021)

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