Larkin's first placement on Eno's debut album landed him directly at #5 on the album charts. More attention came when Capital Bra released a track against Bushido on a production of his, shortly after he announced his departure from Ersguterjunge. After that he produced for different artists like Brudi030, XATAR and Kalazh44. Among his most successful productions is the song "Weste Weiß" by Eren Can & Batu.

Produced for

  1. Capital Bra
  2. Eno
  3. Xatar
  4. Fler
  5. Eren Can & Batu

Successful songs (prod. by larkin)

Weste Weiß - Eren Can & Batu (2019)
Schweigepflicht - Brudi030 (2019)
Jeden Tag - Jigzaw feat. Hurricane (2019)

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