Kushbringer has gained greater notoriety through his productions for Koushino & Camaeleon. For the duo he produced songs on the "Ungestreckt EP 2" as well as on the albums "Tausend Nummern" and "Auf Touris Nacken". His most successful productions include the song "Montag" on the #1 album "GROSSE FREIHEIT" by Gzuz as well as several songs on the #6 album "Organisiert" by Sa4. The single "187 Allstars '22" by Sa4, produced by Kushbringer, landed at #3 on the German charts.

Produced for

  1. Gzuz
  2. Bonez MC
  3. Sa4
  4. LX
  5. Koushino & Camaeleon

Successful songs (prod. by Kushbringer)‌

187 Allstars '22 - Sa4, 187 Strassenbande (2022)
Bounce - Koushino & Camaeleon (2021)
Vakuum - Koushino & Camaeleon (2020)

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