JRGHT had his big breakthrough as a producer with the production of the single "HIMALAYA" by Capo, which reached #44 in the German charts. He also produced the songs "ICH UND DU" and "LANGE NÄCHTE" on the EP of the same name. Other successful productions include the songs "Loyal" and "Eisberg" by Jazn.

Produced for

  1. Capo
  2. Jazn
  3. Azzi Memo
  4. Pronto
  5. Ataypapi
  6. Willy Will

Successful songs (prod. by JRGHT)

"EVERYDAY" - Capo feat. Azzi Memo (2022)
HIMALAYA - Capo (2022)
ICH UND DU - Capo feat. JAZN & Pronto (2022)
LANGE NÄCHTE - Capo (2022)

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