The producer duo Joskee, consisting of Suad Kqiku (born 19 July 1996 in Basel) and Jonas Baumgartner (born 29 July 1996 in Basel) produces for several well-known rappers and has gained notoriety through song productions such as "Montrachet" by PA Sports or "GARTEN EDEN" by Fourty.

Produced for

  1. PA Sports
  2. Kool Savas
  3. Fourty
  4. Vega
  5. Takt32

Successful singles (prod. by Joskee)

MONTRACHET - PA Sports (2020)
GARTEN EDEN - Fourty (2020)
A la Mafia - Fero47 feat. Azzi Memo (2022)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Joskee´)