Jester Beats

Jester Beats

Jester Beats is a producer from the UK who gained attention through his collaboration with ArrDee. For the rapper he produced the songs "6am in Brighton" as well as his "Plugged in Freestyle" with Fumez The Engineer and co-produced ArrDee's "Daily Duppy". Other well known productions include the "Plugged in Special" with 410, TPL, CGM & Fumez The Engineer and OFB's "Farm All Stars".

Produced for

  1. ArrDee
  2. Pooh Shiesty
  3. OFB
  4. MoStack
  5. TPL

Successful singles (prod. by Jester Beats)

Plugged In - 410 x TPL x CGM x Fumez The Engineer (2021)
6am in Brighton - ArrDee (2021)
Daily Duppy - ArrDee (2021)

European productions

In addition to his British productions, Jester Beats has also produced the Top 40 charting songs "Go Go Jack" for Italian rappers MINUR feat. Simba La Rue and "No toy en Gente" for Spanish rapper "Nickzzy".

Go Go Jack - MINUR feat. Simba La Rue (2021)
No toy en Gente - Nickzzy (2021)


Jester Beats has a YouTube channel with over 40,000 followers where he uploads beats several times a week.

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Jester Beats´)