Jan van der Toorn

Jan van der Toorn

Jan van der Toorn (born in Rotterdam) is a Dutch multi-platinum and gold producer. He gained notoriety through his productions for numerous well-known artists such as Nana, NSYNC, Papa Bear and Outkast. He was also involved in the production of Samy Deluxe's last three records as well as Falco's album "Sterben um zu Leben". Afterwards he produced tracks for Kollegah, Farid Bang, Majoe and Joker Bra among others "Der Vogel" and "Erklärt" by Joker Bra.

Produced for

  1. Capital Bra / Joker Bra
  2. Kollegah
  3. Farid Bang
  4. Sun Diego
  5. Ali As

Successful singles (prod. by Jan van der Toorn)

Boss & Banger - Kollegah & Farid Bang
Bessere Fehler - Nessi feat. Kool Savas (2021)

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