Jacob Manson

Jacob Manson

Jacob Manson is a British multi-platinum producer who gained attention in rap for producing KSI feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne's song "Houdini". Most recently, he has also produced hip hop tracks such as A1 x J1's "Baby" and Digga D's "Wasted".

Produced for

  1. Macklemore
  2. Tion Wayne
  3. A1 x J1
  4. Digga D
  5. KSI

Successful singles (prod. by Jacob Manson)

Houdini - KSI feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne (2020)
Wasted - Digga D feat. ArrDee (2021)
Baby - A1 x J1 feat. Deno (2021)

Pop productions

Jacob Manson is particularly well known for his productions for pop bands Why Don't We and The Vamps. He has also produced songs for Anne-Marie, Aries and Jack & Jack, among others.

Hooked - Why Don't We (2018)
I Don't Belong In This Club - Why Don't We & Macklemore (2019)
Just My Type - The Vamps (2018)


Before he started producing, Jacob Manson was a part of the house production duo Blonde. His biggest successes as an artist include the #7 UK chart song "I Loved You" feat. Melissa Steel and the #4 UK chart song "All Cried Out" feat. Alex Newell.

All Cried Out - Blonde feat. Alex Newell (2015)
I Loved You - Blonde feat. Melissa Steel (2014)

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