Isy Beatz

Isy Beatz

Isy Beatz (Ismail Abdijevic) works as a producer in duo with C55 and first gained major exposure in 2019 by producing the song "Dada" by Mois. After that, he regularly collaborated with King Khalil and produced several songs on his #36 chart album "KING KONG" as well as on the album "10999" released in 2021.

Produced for

  1. King Khalil
  2. KAY AY
  3. Shadow030
  4. Mois
  5. Firat
  6. Blokkmonsta
  7. Jamoo

Successful singles (prod. by Isy Beatz)

Dada - Mois (2019)
Vay Vay - Firat & Jamoo (2020)
BERLIN 2 - King Khalil & KAY AY (2020)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Isy Beatz´)