IBØ is a French producer and mixer with multiple diamond records. Among his most successful productions is PNL's "A l'ammoniaque" which was certified as a diamond disc.

In September 2021, IBØ opened a Dolby Atmos certified studio in Paris near the Champs-Elysées. There he has already recorded, mixed and arranged the entire D-Block Europe album "Home Alone 2". Through his collaboration with D-Block Europe, he has worked with other artists such as Offset, OBOY, Central Cee, Aj Tracey, Tion Wayne and M. Huncho. He also co-produced the intro and the songs "Love Is Blind" and "Ski Dream" on the album. In addition, he recorded, mixed and arranged the diamond record song "POPOPOP" by Gambi and "Tonight" by Ghost Killer Track feat. D-Block Europe and OBOY.

Produced for

  1. PNL
  2. D-Block Europe
  3. Offset
  4. Central Cee
  5. AJ Tracey

Successful singles (prod. by IBØ)

A l'ammoniaque - PNL (2018)
POPOPOP - Gambi (2019)
Overseas - D-Block Europe feat. Central Cee (2021)
Tonight - Ghost Killer Track feat. D-Block Europe & OBOY (2021)
Intro - D-Block Europe (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `IBØ´)