Hyperkane is a producer from Wiesbaden, who made a name for himself through his collaboration with Kelvyn Colt. For the artist he produced among others the songs "Under My Skin", "Alone" and his beats in brand videos of New Era and HypeBeast. He was also involved as an engineer on "Get it" by Charlie Sloth, Gunna & Kelvyn Colt as well as "Benz I I know" by Kelvyn Colt.

Produced for

  1. Kelvyn Colt
  2. Celo & Abdi
  3. Lionaire

Successes as producer (prod. by Hyperkane)‌

Under My Skin - Kelvyn Colt (2017)
Alone - Kelvyn Colt (2018)
Kemosabe feat. Kelvyn Colt - Celo & Abdi feat. Kelvyn Colt (2021)

Successes as engineer (mix. by Hyperkane)‌

Get it - Charlie Sloth, Gunna & Kelvyn Colt (2021)
Benz I I know - Kelvyn Colt (2020)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (MIX/PROD. BY `Hyperkane´)


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