HNDRX (Sven Blümel; born 19.03.1994 in Hamburg) is a Hamburg producer who has gained greater notoriety through productions for Miami Yacine, Mois & Maestro and Lil Lano. He produced a significant part of Mois & Maestro's album "FML", released in 2021, where feature guests such as Eno and Ra'is are also featured on his productions. In addition, the tracks "Exit 2.0", "Pisces" and "Is Ok" by Lil Lano, among others, are part of his repertoire. His first international production is the song "Dounia" by the French artist Niaks.

Produced for

  1. Miami Yacine
  2. Lil Lano
  3. Mois
  4. Maestro
  5. Dú Maroc

Successful singles (prod. by HNDRX)

Vorbei - Mois feat. Sokko167 & Albozz (2020)
Gang Gang - Miami Yacine (2020)
Exit 2.0 - Lil Lano & Trippie Boi (2019)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `HNDRX´)