Harri Jay

Harri Jay

Harri Jay is a British producer who gained attention for producing "All Stars 2" by Nines. Other well-known productions include the songs "Passenger" by Koomz, "Star" by S1MBA, "DND" by JAY1 and "Olé" by Krept & Konan, S1lva, M1llionz feat. Morrisson.

Produced for

  1. S1MBA
  2. JAY1
  3. Nines
  4. Krept & Konan
  5. Koomuz

Successful singles (prod. by Harri Jay)

Star - S1MBA (2021)
DND - JAY1 (2021)
All Stars 2 - Nines feat. Chappo CSB, Q2T, Frosty & Clavish (2020)
Olé - Krept & Konan, S1lva, M1llionz feat. Morrisson (2021)

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